The Most Realistic
Business Training
On The Planet

Everything else is wasting your time

“I developed more skill in the first few weeks than I did my entire 4 year business degree at Yale.
Brook Hart
“I wish all my employees could do what I was doing inside School of Action. Hopefully they will soon.”
James Ward, Ward Trucking
“My first year out of college I became the youngest, and fastest, ADP salesman to win the Presidents Award thanks to School of Action.”
Sean “Top Gunns” Gunning

The Curriculum
You've Been Waiting For

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It will intimidate you, frustrate you, and leave you with the practical selling, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills you need to grow a business (that you'll never learn in a classroom).
There's no memorization, regurgitation, or lectures. Every day, you are showered with actionable opportunities.
You either act or you don't. There's no way to cheat.