It’s not practical.
It doesn’t train you to think differently, it trains you to think like everyone else:
  • Home-bullets-arrow "This is how you write an essay"
  • Home-bullets-arrow "This is how you pass a standardized test"
  • Home-bullets-arrow "This is how you answer interview questions"
When did fitting in become the path to power, influence, and success in business?
(It hasn’t).
Students are graduating college:
  • Home-bullets-arrow Skill less
  • Home-bullets-arrow Shackled by debt
  • Home-bullets-arrow And unable to add value to an organization
They just spent 4 years partying, memorizing buzzwords, and cramming nonsense for tests that have zero practical value in the real world.
(They didn’t spend 4 years working with customers, building products and services, and growing processes from scratch).
This is why you need "at least 2 years experience" for most entry level jobs.
It’s not information (or knowledge) you need to fill the gap.
It’s Street Savvy Business Skill(s) Your School Could Never Teach